Navigating Outsourcing with Confidence,

Driving Success Together

Unleash the boundless power of outsourcing and forge a collaborative alliance with Impact Global Solutions to ignite sustainable growth. Together, we will confidently navigate the outsourcing journey, crafting ingenious strategies that propel your firm towards a path of continued success.

Elevate Your CPA Firm


To use our knowledge and expertise to empower CPA Firms on their outsourcing journey, enabling them to effectively grow international teams.

Outsourcing is a solution to ongoing staffing shortages but many firms venture into it without proper guidance. We recognize the uniqueness of each CPA firm and the need to design an approach that works for your firm.


We aim to optimize outsourcing for firms by providing education on best practices and serving as their strategic and trusted advisor throughout the outsourcing journey.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, we equip firms with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the outsourcing landscape successfully.

Coaching & Consulting Packages

Inclusive of:

Needs, requirements, and goals assessment | Scope of work & set expectations creation | Customized RFP process of outsourcing firms | Due diligence summary of the firms | Introduction and help with relationship where needed

Outsourcing Essentials

  • Assessment of Needs, Goals & Processes

  • Tailored Advice

  • Monthly Strategy Calls

Outsourcing Accelerator

  • In-depth strategic guidance and support

  • Develop customized roadmap

  • Negotiations, Reporting, Communication support

  • Weekly Strategy Calls

Fractional Chief Outsourcing Officer

  • Dedicated FCOO support

  • Overseeing, Optimizing and Directing your Outsourcing Operation

  • Crafting Strategies & Implementing SOPs

Custom Package

  • Daily Training Sessions and Workshops for Teams

  • On-site or Off-site Speaking and Trainings

  • Project-based Problem Solving

  • Custom Reporting Support

What our clients say:

"We began our outsourcing journey with Laurence Whittam three years ago. He has consistently exceeded our expectations – focusing at every point on what is best for his clients – and working tirelessly to achieve his clients’ objectives. In doing so, I have observed Laurence successfully bringing teams together – both at the outsourcer and at his client CPA firm.

In my entire 30+ year career – I have never seen anyone as client-focused as Laurence. He listens, advises you on what will work, helps focus you on the right objectives and then works with all levels of both the outsourcers and his client to ensure success.

We highly recommend Laurence and Impact Global Solutions – Laurence adds value immediately and throughout the relationship. He’s the partner that I always want in my corner."

Chris Schwab,

Director, Advisory Services, WellsColeman